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4 The Record: The Memories & Music of my Life is the debut book from Author Charita Brittenum, an award-winning 30+ year veteran in the music industry comes her memoir about family, love, loss, and friends, including experiencing physical abuse at a young age and her hustle to get into a male-dominated field. Charita has always loved music and fashion and somehow she knew her destiny would take her life to one or both of those industries.


In 4 The Record, Charita opens up about being a single mother while working in the music industry, traveling for work, and being away often from her daughter after being divorced for the past 20 years. Come along with Charita on her journey through life and the life of so many others including artists that she works closely with every day to ensure they receive #1 records and win major awards.

4 The Record: The Memories & Music of My Life (E-Book)

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